Our Services

Let’s Go Production offer a range of sound solutions for Corporate Functions, Weddings and Musical Festivals with an exceptional customer experience from your first consultation right through to the end of your party. Trusting Let’s Go Productions when it comes to the sound quality and making sure that it is all about great vibes, you can have peace of mind that your event will be a success.

Corporate Functions

What to expect when Let’s Go Productions Handle your Corporate Function sound

For Corporate Functions we believe in a well-proven special formula that works… Offer sound quality that is crisp, without distortion and impress your guests no matter age or demographic, and provide each and every client with the same quality every time. We take pride in the quality of our sound we provide and it is our mission to make sure we maintain the quality set by us in the industry.

What to expect when Let’s Go Productions Handle your Wedding and Reception Sound

We’ve all been to a wedding where everything is absolutely perfect, except the sound!

At Let’s Go Productions we believe the quality of your sound, is an important element of your wedding reception. You can have the best DJ in the world, but with the wrong sound system, he will sound like an amature doing his first gig.

Music creates memories, and we aim to create the perfect soundtrack to your special day that will be remembered forever.

So how do we achieve this?

Before your big day, do we work hand-in-hand with you ensuring that your music, toast and other announcements are covered by the best sound system you need. On the day of your big day, will Let’s Go Productions arrive well before the required time, get set-up leaving you organised for the night ahead.

Need planning with your Wedding Ceremony?

We would like to introduce you to our close working partner in taking care of all your wedding reception arrangements from start to finish.

What to expect when Let’s Go Productions Handle your Music Festival sound

Music Festivals and the sound is our passion here at Let’s Go Productions. Sound is your key to a successful festival as there is nothing worse for a patron to pay expensively for a ticket, only to be disappointed with speakers that is either not strong enough or distort every few seconds.

With our proven track record from 2015, can you as event organizer have complete peace of mind that your sound is sorted from start to finish!

At Let’s Go Productions, we can assist you manage all technical aspects of your festival from strategic planning to site selection. Let’s Go Productions is your one-stop shop for all your event sound needs because we take pride and pleasure in planning your sound needs for your music festival.