About Let’s Go Internet Providers

Let’s Go Internet Providers is a wireless internet service provider in the Ladysmith area in KZN

Code of Conduct

Let’s Go Internet Providers adheres strictly to the following code of conduct. 1. All customers will be treated in a fair and respectable manner. 2. All our services and products will strictly meet our license; (1620/c-ecns/aug/2020) and regulations from ICASA. 3. No persons will be discriminated against, ie. by gender, race, religion, belief, ethnic background, disabilities, and sexual orientation. 4. Customers will be assisted with help and advice with regard to purchasing of the correct services. 5. The clients personal information will be kept confidential and not supplied to any third parties etc. 6. The end user client has the right to complain to ICASA in the event of an unresolved dispute or disagreement. 7. All equipment supplied is ICASA type approved.

Terms and Conditions

Our billing period is one calender month. Services require upfront payment for the month. We reserve the right to terminate unpaid services. Clients will adhere to an acceptable usage policy. We retain the right to restrict usage of customers who cause congestion by excessive bandwidth intensive protocols such as Peer to Peer and news servers protocols (NNTP). Our products may not be resold or used for any unlawful purposes.

We offer the following month-to-month packages. Contract free:

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